FretFocus simulation

Design FretsFrets per Octave Scale LengthNut CompensationFret Width
20 12 635 0.5 2
Construction Layout rule Standard deviation
17.835 0.000
Measurement Standard deviation

You choose the measurements to take (low fret, high fret, inside/outside), and the simulator supplies the numbers from the instrument model shown above. What's the smallest number of measurements you need to get a satisfactory result under these conditions?

FretFocus is a Java applet that needs Java 1.4 or later support enabled in your browser. It should work in recent releases of Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, MacOS X 10.3 Safari 1.2 or later, and MSIE. If you do not yet have the Java plugin, you can download it for free here. Look for the “Get It Now” button or “Manual Download” link.

If you are sure you have Java installed but your browser isn't finding it, here are some troubleshooting tips. Sorry it didn't work on the first try, but just wait.... Valid CSS!

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